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Coworking + Photography Studio

Creatives Coworking w/ Creatives

We know that working from home doesn’t work, so we set up the space to help Creatives actually get sh*t done.

KGDM (pronounced “King-deh-m”) is a coworking space in Miranda designed for creative freelancers, photographers, artists, designers, florists or architects. Whether you choose to work at one of the 13 permanent desks, or use the floor-area downstairs for a photoshoot or workshop, it’s a space you’ll be inspired by.




Coworking in Miranda

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There are 13 desks fitted out with power, Wi-Fi, personal storage and a shared print station. Get in touch here to discuss availabilities and lease options.




Photo shoots

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In addition to the natural light of the space, the tall, plain white walls provide the ideal backdrop for photography. For more information, see our Studio Hire page.